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About UsHistory

Salon Alicja was established in 1994 by Alicja Frynas. Since the beginning, the founder has placed particular emphasis on the highest quality equipment and an appropriate choice of cosmetics to raise and spread public awareness of body care.

To provide the clients with the widest possible access to cosmetic innovations, the beauty salon is constantly extending the range of services. The green peel introduced in the 1990s shed new light on problematic skin care. In 2000, we started to work with the German brand Biodroga, introducing an innovative method of skin cleansing. At the next stage of development, we introduced a series of detoxifying treatments, adopting a more holistic approach to body care. In 2001, Salon Alicja introduced the most up-to-date massage technique at that time, the Guinot facial using electric current. For several years, we have worked closely with brands that are readily recognizable in the world of medicine and dermatology – Filorga, Xylogic and Mesoestetic, effective anti-age cosmetology solutions.

With each passing year, we are expanding our knowledge and expertise. We gradually extend the range of services to include effective beauty treatment solutions selected from among the latest cosmetic inventions.