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Body TretmentsBODY RITUALS


Nowadays firm and healthy looking skin demands time and attention. Our pace of life, lifestyle and pollution around us make our skin age faster than we do and cause it to absorb toxins. Salon Alicja offers a number of detoxifying, moisturizing and firming body treatments. They include exfoliation, massage and masks. Combined with aromatherapy and soothing music, they are also a moment of great relaxation. Each treatment is preceded by an infrared sauna session.

Exfoliation based on cane sugar containing natural oils and substances from orange fruits and cocoa tree rich in vitamins C, A and P. The treatment models and firms your body. After the exfoliation, your skin becomes perfectly smooth.
Sea salt exfoliation enriched with almond, macadamia and avocado oils. The scrub removes calloused epidermis, activates skin microcirculation and stimulates skin metabolism. It smoothes even dry, peeling skin, improving its structure. It lightens and evens skin colour. It revitalizes the skin thanks to aromatherapy oils (rosemary, mint, lavender, juniper).
A wonderful treatment on the basis of cocoa butter, which makes you truly relaxed. Cocoa butter has many skincare applications, it contains zinc, magnesium, calcium and polyphenols, which show a strong antiradical activity and therefore slow down the ageing process. Moreover, aromatic chocolate has confirmed slimming and anticellulite effects. The chocolate treatment Organique improves the skin colour, giving it a tint of light natural tan. Rituals begin with unique Savon Noir skin cleansing and a sweet exfoliation and then wonderful rich nourishing masks are applied. Relaxing massages take your senses to a land of fragrant pleasure and brush aside all worries. The treatment ends with the application of cocoa butter, which gives your skin perfect smoothness.
A unique ritual filling your senses with an aromatic scent of fresh roasted coffee beans. Coffee, rich in caffeine, has anticellulite and slimming effects. It speeds up metabolism, helps remove toxins from the body and neutralize free radicals. Every treatment begins with black olive oil soap Savon Noir and sugar exfoliation. An aromatic caffeine serum and a mask with real coffee provide your skin with energy and have a strong slimming and detoxifying effect. At the end of the treatment, we apply nourishing anticellulite butter, whose coffee aroma envelops your skin for many long hours.
A treatment based on goat milk and Chinese plum lychee is a feast for the body and the soul. Innovative products enriched with an exclusive pearl extract and soothing IRCALMIN complex provide comprehensive care even for the most demanding skin. Milk rituals can also be used as an S.O.S. for sunburned skin. They begin with a gentle cleansing with black Morroccan Savon Noir soap and a mild milk exfoliation. Silky soothing serum prepares the skin for a regenerating mask. Luxury warm baths and unique massages provide additional sensations during treatments and increase the effects of active ingredients. The skin is regenerated, lighter, visibly rejuvenated and perfectly smooth.
A treatment based on ecological Morroccan Ghassoul clay. This type of clay has been known for years for its cleansing and firming qualities. The therapy provides the skin with valuable minerals and helps remove toxins from the body. The ritual begins with a dynamic smoothing exfoliation. Dead cells and impurities are removed from the skin, which is smoother and brighter. The massage warms up tissues, preparing them for an active mask. The ritual ends with a relaxing massage. The treatment does not dry up the skin, it has a strengthening and firming effect and reduces imperfections.
A detoxifying treatment with sea algae. Cosmetic mud is obtained on the west coast of the Dead Sea. It is a product of the highest quality, free of impurities and chemical contamination. Algae are a natural product rich in valuable minerals. First and foremost, these therapies have a strong detoxifying effect. The ritual starts with an exfoliation preparing the skin for an algae mask. The treatment ends with a massage.
An exclusive body treatment, which is a combination of relaxation and care. The treatment starts with a silk glove massage of the body. The cashmere mask applied to the whole body envelops you with luxury pleasure, bringing relaxation of your body and mind. The treatment ends with application of silky powder with light-reflecting pigments. As a result, the skin is moisturized and as smooth as velvet.
Intensely fragrant mask-foundation with a consistency of a fruit nectar, based on citrus extracts. It is a source of vitamins, flavonoids and caffeine for your skin. It brings to mind the atmosphere of the sunny tropics and is a perfect preparation for the summer holiday. The mask is applied after an exfoliation. The treatment ends with a massage.