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About Us

Salon Alicja is a professional cosmetology salon that has been present in Gdańsk, Poland, for over 20 years. Our experienced, qualified team provides the clients with a comprehensive range of face and body beauty treatments using carefully selected products from our partner brands.

The therapies that we recommend are always customized to the needs of the clients – their skin, age and areas of concern. Thanks to many years’ practice, combining different techniques and using modern equipment, our treatments are effective, the best confirmation of which is your satisfaction.

As new cosmetic solutions emerge, we are constantly extending the range of treatments to take care of you in an even more suitable, effective and comprehensive way. The staff are improving their competence by participating in relevant training courses in Poland and abroad.

After twenty years of marking the landscape of cosmetology, for the convenience of our guests, we moved to a different location. In June 2014, we started to operate in Garnizon, Wrzeszcz district, Gdańsk.