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It is a kind of exfoliation treatment consisting in the use of ultrasounds, which break and remove the corneous stratum of the epidermis. The procedure is completely painless. Apart from cleansing the skin, the treatment exfoliates the dead epidermis and removes the excess of sebum. Additionally, the patient benefits from a bio-stimulating micro-massage. Ultrasonic exfoliation moisturizes the skin considerably and prepares it for the next stages of the treatment. It may be combined with the administration of active substances, e.g. vitamin C or serum, delivered deep into the skin by means of ultrasounds (sonophoresis). The technique is suitable for all kinds of skin, including the sensitive, delicate and rosacea-affected skin.


The treatment is performed using a device generating ultrasonic waves, ending with a spatula that is moved over the wet face. During the treatment, the therapist moves the spatula over the face, neck and upper chest of the client, providing him or her with a gentle but deep massage. During the whole process, the skin is kept moisturized, which results in the formation of microscopic bubbles with a variable pressure inside. Under the influence of the ultrasounds, the bubbles burst and give off heat, the pressure rises and this small implosion causes the dead cells of the epidermis to break.


The active substances are chosen on the basis of the condition and type of the skin to suit the individual needs of each person.