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A non-invasive treatment based on the phenomenon of electroporation, temporarily increasing the permeability of the cell membrane by opening hydrophilic channels, which makes it possible to assimilate large particles of therapeutic preparations. The most significant effects of mesotherapy include regenerating and toning the skin, smoothing out and reducing wrinkles, reducing cellulite, improving the shape of the face, improving circulation, oxygenating and moisturizing the skin.


The treatment is performed using a device emitting radio waves. Electromagnetic waves change the permeability of the protective barrier of the epidermis and cell membrane surrounding skin cells. The electric field and electric impulses open intercellular spaces. Active substances administered then reach deeper layers of the skin, easily penetrating the corneous stratum. The treatment improves the condition of the skin and the active ingredients nourish and thicken the epidermis. It is possible to adjust the electric impulses, change their frequency, length and type. Thanks to this, we can use impulses suitable for a specific situation, depending on the type and problem of the face or body skin. Electroporation is an active process; due to the impulses, substances delivered to deep layers of the skin have an effect long after the end of the treatment. The needleless mesotherapy treatment increases the capacity of the skin to absorb substances by six times.


The mesotherapy treatment has a wide range of applications and the substances to be used are chosen on the basis of a diagnosis of the skin condition to suit the individual needs of each person. Examples of substances: