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CosmetologyFace Rituals

Face Rituals

Manual cleansing is a treatment for skin with non-inflammatory changes. It is the most effective method of mechanical reduction of all kinds of comedones and other blemishes forming on the skin. The areas that may be subject to the treatment include the face, upper chest and back. The cleansing treatment begins with a careful make-up removal and an exfoliation. Then, the face is steamed to open up pores and prepare it for the treatment. Having prepared the skin in this way, the therapist removes the comedones by squeezing them out of the pores using disposable gloves. At the next stage, the therapist applies anti-inflammatory and soothing creams or facial masks. Lastly, an appropriate protective cream suitable for your skin and the weather conditions is applied. The cleansing will make your skin smooth, soft and free of comedones. The pores will be unclogged, which will make your skin breathe more easily and absorb skin care cosmetics more effectively.
A professional treatment based exclusively on pure, natural vegetable extracts. When properly combined, the extracts improve blood circulation, stimulate cellular renewal and rejuvenate the skin. The Bio-Peeling stimulates the vital functions of the skin, which makes it a unique preventive and therapeutic skin treatment. The Bio-Peeling is a 100% natural exfoliation procedure based on algae and herbal extracts. The treatment is a means of overcoming many problems, it helps to fight acne, acne scars, enlarged pores, seborrhoea, comedones and even small wrinkles.


The treatment involves an exfoliation with a mix of very pure herbs, algae, peppermint, marigold and lemon balm, which improve blood circulation, revitalize the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Herbal fibres become intensively active in contact with the skin and start to penetrate it: they speed up blood circulation in the treated area and as a result, microscopic herbal fibres penetrate deep into the skin, boosting its protective properties, they speed up metabolism and the formation of new cells, which makes it possible to create a new corneous stratum free of stains, scars, pimples, freckles, small wrinkles and discolourations within several days, they regulate the functioning of sebaceous glands, limiting the secretion of sebum, which is extremely significant in the case of acne and oily skin.


  • removes dead skin cells,
  • reduces acne and acne scars,
  • reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots,
  • herbal fibres have a significant influence on the reduction of bacteria and sebum – the treatment is perfect for oily skin,
  • cleanses the skin in a deep way,
  • stimulates the processes of formation of collagen and elastin,
  • strengthens the skin,
  • stimulates the production of new cells,
  • improves blood circulation,
  • rejuvenates the skin.



The collagen sheet mask treatment is a perfect solution for skin that needs intensive moisturizing and sensitive skin. The aim of the treatment is to form a protective barrier preventing water in outer layers of the epidermis from evaporating and to smooth out small wrinkles provoked by dehydration of the skin. When applied regularly, it results in long-term effects in the form of reduction of wrinkles, marked improvement of the tone of the skin as well as brightening and smoothing out of the skin surface. Depending on the individual needs of the skin, the applied collagen masks contain different substances.
A treatment using hyaluronic acid with an intensively moisturizing and wrinkle-filling effect for dehydrated skin that lacks moisture and mature skin. It is also perfect for people with expression lines and first symptoms of skin ageing as well as after intensive sunbathing. The main ingredient of substances used in this treatment is hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the skin in a deep and intensive way. The treatment soothes dehydrated skin instantly and relieves it of the feeling of “tightness”. It makes the skin firmer and fresher, and provides it with moisture for a long time.
An innovative treatment using masks made of biotechnological polyglucose, a biomaterial that forms a three-dimensional net of nanofibres, saturated with active ingredients. The nanostructure and composition contribute to its amazing properties:

  • the mask sticks to the face perfectly like a “second skin”; the diameter of the nanofibres is smaller than the smallest skin irregularities, which makes these masks different from other masks.
  • the material of the masks is distinguished by the highest purity and skin tolerance, making them perfect for sensitive and ultra sensitive skin;
  • the mask absorbs 200 times its own weight of active serum. It is a reservoir of active ingredients gradually released to the skin;
  • it brightens up the skin and balances up uneven skin colouring;
  • it makes the skin perfectly smooth and produces the effect of extreme moisturization; it smoothes out wrinkles and reduces the visibility of pores; amazing results visible instantly after the treatment.

Three types of masks are used in the treatments, each for a different type of skin:

  • YONELLE FIRMING MASK – includes Epidermal Growth Factor complex and hyaluronic acid; stimulates the metabolism of skin cells. It makes mature skin firmer and rejuvenates its appearance.
  • YONELLE ANTI-WRINKLE NECK MASK – a mask with collagen and active peptides, increases the water content in the epidermis in a flash; reduces wrinkles, has an intensively smoothing and soothing effect. It improves the colouring of the skin.
  • YONELLE SUPER-LIFTING MASK – a mask specially made for an intensive neck treatment; it includes tetrapeptide-15 with stimulating properties, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It has a lifting, strengthening and smoothing effect.



Face massage is above all a relaxing procedure but it is also applied as a preventive measure and beauty treatment. It keeps muscles and skin elastic, and prevents the formation of wrinkles. One of the aims of this rejuvenating treatment is to enhance the flexibility of face muscles, which directly improves the elasticity of the skin and gives it a much healthier and more attractive appearance. The massage involves tapping, rubbing, stroking, kneading and pinching. Various types of wrinkles are smoothed out, including wrinkles on the forehead, in the corner of the eyes (the so-called “crow’s feet”), nasolabial folds as well as lines visible in the corners of the mouth. Skilful massage of this kind performed on a regular basis yields incredible results, reducing wrinkles, smoothing the face skin and making it firm. It is recommended to have the massage on a regular basis starting at the age of 25 as a preventive measure and to slow down the process of wrinkle formation.
A spectacular treatment with an instant lifting effect meant for all skin types. It is recommended for skin with visible signs of time, especially for flabby, tired and dull face skin. It instantly tones and smoothes the skin surface, stimulating cellular renewal effectively. It makes the skin firmer and more elastic, restoring its natural brightness. Specially selected products for this treatment provide the optimum amount of active substances, which improve the structure of collagen fibres, restoring the lost flexibility and muscle tone to the skin. It enhances the shape and outline of the face markedly and provides deep moisturization for a long time.
A treatment dedicated to undernourished, dehydrated skin with poor absorptive capacity. It consists in the application of a mask that heats up as it hardens on the face. The increased blood supply facilitates the absorption of ingredients of creams applied under the mask, which makes the skin soft and intensively moisturized, and reduces wrinkles and folds. It is a mix of the most fine-grained minerals of natural and organic origin. The effects of the Thermolift treatment are instantly visible.