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A permanent make-up is the luxury of being ravishing every day. Depending on the client’s needs, micropigmentation can make the eyes brighter and more expressive, thicken sparse eyebrows, correct their shape or give a beautiful shape and colouring to the mouth. The treatment consists in inserting pigments into the epidermis with absolute precision. The pigments are chosen on an individual basis from a palette of 200 colours to make the most of each person’s individual beauty.

Depending on the type and colouring of the skin, the make-up holds from 2 to 5 years. It fades over time due to natural skin peeling. It may be touched up at any time.


Before the start of pigmentation, the shape that is most suitable for the client’s type of beauty is discussed and sketched. Because of its durability, the make-up should be very natural and subtle. To make the treatment more comfortable, anaesthetics are used. Using the German Purebeau equipment, the therapist sketches the outline and then shades in the eyebrows/mouth. The pigments are inserted with disposable needles. All the pigments, needles and devices that we use have been dermatologically tested, received all the necessary certificates of quality and satisfy all the hygiene requirements. Due to this, the treatment is very safe.

Immediately after the treatment, the colouring is very intensive. 2-3 days later, the epidermis starts to peel. At this moment, it is very important to keep the pigmented area oiled. 5-8 days after the treatment, the colouring fades by 50-60%. Within 4-8 weeks at the latest after the treatment, it is necessary to touch up the makeup.


At the first visit, the therapist takes the patient’s medical history to identify possible contraindications and prepare the client for the treatment. Broad contraindications include:

After a facelift, it is necessary to wait 6 months until complete recovery before having a permanent make-up. Similarly, after a lip augmentation, it is necessary to wait 2 weeks before having a permanent lip make-up. In the case of surgeries and oncological disorders, a medical specialist’s approval is required.