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A treatment developed in the French Filorga Laboratory, based on the beneficial effects of cryotherapy combined with delivering active substances to the skin. The method improves the condition of the skin, regenerates and revitalizes it.

Rich biological substances regenerate the skin and stimulate cellular renewal intensively. The Filorga Cryolift may be carried out successively over selected areas by pumping active complexes into the skin using the tip that gives off stabilized cold. The treatment makes use of high-class active substances based on salmon caviar cell extracts and rich complexes that regenerate the skin and stimulate cellular renewal (FILORGA Laboratory).

One treatment is enough to see results – the skin is moisturized, toned and bright, and has a healthy colour. A course of treatments models the face and improves its shape considerably.


The treatment is carried out successively over selected areas using an apparatus with a probe, which generates the optimal range of temperatures for an effective and safe treatment (-10oC to -18oC). Moving gently over the face, the probe applies a chosen substance to the skin. The “electronic ice cube” makes the active substances penetrate deeper layers of the skin. The treatment provokes a thermal shock and paradoxical vasomotricity. At first, a sudden cold causes a vasoconstriction and then, vasoconstrictions and vasodilations follow one another, which speeds up the blood flow and makes it possible to transport active ingredients in an unusually effective way. The treatment ends with the application of properly chosen professional Filorga cosmetics to the skin.