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A cosmetic treatment consisting in the combination of micro-needling the skin and using anti-ageing active substances. It is suitable for all kinds of skin. It is especially recommended for mature skin with clear symptoms of ageing such as wrinkles, deteriorated shape of the face, lack of youthful firmness, elasticity and colouring. It is perfect for skin with dilated capillaries.

Micro-needling using a DMN (Dermal-Micro-Needling) Mezoroller activates a number of natural regeneration processes in deep layers of the skin. It results in the release of growth factors that participate in the process of wound healing and stimulation of the activity of fibroblasts. The synthesis of structural elements of the skin, including collagen and elastin, is boosted. At the same time, micro-needling increases the absorption of active ingredients in cosmetics administered during the treatment by several times. It yields spectacular results, impossible to achieve with traditional ways of administering cosmetics. The technique is similar to mesotherapy, a well-known treatment in aesthetic medicine.

One session is enough to give you a feeling that the skin is “working”. It is better toned, smoother and looks more fresh. A good choice of needle length makes the treatment safe and prevents damage to blood vessels, so the skin remains red for a short time only or does not redden at all.


The treatment is carried out using a dedicated derma roller, i.e. a roller covered with needles. During the treatment, the roller moves gently over the skin and pierces it to create micro-channels. A derma-roller massage may produce around 500,000 micro-channels in 5 minutes. It considerably increases the absorption of active substances by deep layers of the skin. The channels are open for around an hour. During this time, nourishing mesotherapy cocktail made of a choice of active ingredients is applied to the skin.