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Hands and feet carePedicure


Pedicure is a treatment aimed at improving the condition of your feet. Salon Alicja carries out pedicure using a modern, non-invasive and safe apparatus from the German brand Gewohl. Sterile, replaceable tips make the treatment really comfortable and above all safe. The pedicure is customized to suit the individual condition of the feet skin and nails. Out of concern for the client’s safety, the whole equipment is sterilized in a medical autoclave and kept in disposable containers.

The first step is a short foot soak to prepare the epidermis for the treatment. Calloused skin is removed with an electric pedicure nail drill. The equipment is fitted with sterile, replaceable, high-speed tips and a special vacuum and spray system, which ensures safety and comfort. The pedicure begins with shortening and filing of nails. Cuticles are pushed up and removed by means of nippers. Dried and degreased nails are decorated according to the client’s wishes and the condition of the nails.
Spa pedicure
Spa Pedicure will make your feet look healthy and beautiful, but it will also give you a moment of blissful relaxation. Apart from a classic pedicure, it includes a foot exfoliation, a moisturizing and regenerating mask and a relaxing massage.
A therapeutic pedicure is a pedicure for people with foot diseases, ingrowing toenails and mechanical nail plate injuries. The treatment includes the removal of sore calluses and corns as well as the whole classic pedicure.
An ingrowing toenail is a very uncomfortable affliction, which, however, may be professionally corrected. We do it using metal and plastic braces. A brace continuously affects and profiles the growing nail. Braces are hardly visible and they do not require the user to change habits, wear a different kind of shoes or be careful. A nail brace may hold from one month to a dozen or so months depending on the specific case. Due to this, a checkup is required from time to time.


If you pay for both manicure and pedicure, you will receive a 5%-10% discount.