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 Carboxytherapy involves intradermal administration of a strictly controlled dose of carbon dioxide using micro-punctures.

The infusion of CO2 leads to an increase in the blood flow and provision of oxygen and nutrients to the area being treated. It results in an improved micro-circulation and cellular renewal. In response to the injection of carbon dioxide an inflammatory process develops, which results in an increased production of collagen. A few months later skin remodelling begins, with accompanying contraction of collagen fibres, whose effect is higher skin elasticity.

Fat cells are also highly sensitive to carbon dioxide, and after interacting with CO2 they are partially transformed into the carbonic acid, which dissolves fat cells. Enhanced circulation leads to a greater lymphatic drainage of the treated area, improved metabolism and excretion of the dissolved fat. This process leads to a reduction in the number of fat cells and body shaping. Meanwhile the skin cells renewal and stimulated skin collagen synthesis smoothen the skin surface and prevent the unaesthetic ‘orange peel’ effect.

Such a broad spectrum of application makes this treatment recommended in many problematic areas: