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If you are looking for a bit of relaxation, you should find some time for yourself and come for a massage at our Salon Alicja. Massage is a great way of eliminating fatigue, stress, discomfort as well as frequent backaches and headaches. Our team provides comfort and professional treatments. We recommend that you try every type of massage from our offer and choose the one that helps you most.
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The basic massage technique. The most popular massage at our salon. Classic massage helps recover calmness and balance, relaxes tense muscles and soothes your nerves.

The massage involves various touching techniques: stroking, rubbing, patting, kneading, shaking and squeezing. Various essential oils are used for the massage, depending on individual preferences. Relaxation is complemented by quiet music.

Classic massage of a selected body part.
A deeply relaxing massage with the use of basalt stones. It is recommended after physical effort or in states of severe fatigue.
Warm stones press tissues in order to trigger physiological reactions and heat warms up blood vessels. Increased blood flow through the muscles facilitates the transportation of nutritious substances and the removal of metabolic waste.

Therefore, hot stone massage has an effect both on the skin and on the muscles. As for the skin, it helps it breathe, nourishes it and makes more elastic and firmer. Hot stone massage regenerates muscles, restoring their tension, elasticity and ability to work effectively.

A soothing, relaxing massage combining massage, aromatherapy and the heat of the candle flame. It is done with warm candle oil only. The candles are made of a mixture of highest quality vegetable butters and oils. The basis of this unique product is a special combination of Shea and Illipe butters as well as oils highly valued by cosmetologists, including soybean and jojoba oils. The whole is enriched with healing beeswax and rejuvenating vitamin E.

Apart from a relaxing effect, the massage significantly improves the condition of the skin. It becomes elastic, soft to the touch, as smooth as silk and enveloped in a pleasant fragrance. The skin is much more moisturized, nourished, blood-supplied and radiant. The candle massage soothes dry skin lacking vitality and provides deep relaxation by removing tension from the body.

A massage deriving from the Hawaiian tradition, known as the massage of “the loving hands”. Its essence is transmission of acceptance, approval, deep respect and unconditional love. The massage is performed on a naked body.

The LOMI LOMI NUI massage technique consists in smooth strokes of forearms. This technique has a relaxing effect. Its aim is to relax tense muscles, while concentrating on joints to make them more elastic. It is performed with a lot of oils, with mood music in the background, and it can be combined with aromatherapy.