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The most comprehensive and intensive facial treatment using cosmetics selected on an individual basis and microcurrents, which enhance the effects of the cosmetics.
A skin care method based on the use of low and high frequency galvanic current with properly chosen and ionized skin care ingredients; a treatment involving a massage and stimulation with electrodes and a relaxing and modelling manual massage.
After the treatment, the face is well moisturized, oxygenated and bright.

The first stage of the treatment is exfoliation, which prepares the skin for the next steps. Having identified the needs of the skin, a suitable serum in the form of gel is chosen to be applied to the skin. To enhance the effects of vegetable active ingredients, an electrode massage is done using a Hydraderm device. The use of low frequency microcurrents boosts the absorption of active substances by the skin and stimulates microcirculation and work of the muscles. A gentle massage is done using roller and ball electrodes. The flow of microcurrents is hardly perceptible.
The next stage of the treatment focuses on oxygenating the skin by means of a massage with high frequency currents combined with an oxygenating emulsion, which, under the influence of microcurrents, changes into ozone, which has an antibacterial and rejuvenating effect, increases blood supply to the skin. The oxygenating stage ends with a serum chosen to suit individual needs of the client.

At the last stage of the treatment, the face of the client is modelled by a manual massage using a modelling cream with a high content of marine collagen, chitin.


The Hydradermie treatment is preceded by a consultation, which helps to choose the most suitable cosmetics (gel serum), depending on the expected results.
For each purpose, there is a different serum: nourishing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, cleansing, soothing / gentle, brightening, Age Logic intensive rejuvenation.
There are also serums for special areas: an anti-wrinkle serum for the area under the eyes and a firming serum for neck and bust.